Child Health Research Institute
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Bass Center for Childhood
Cancer and Blood Diseases

Novel Research Targets Unmet
Needs for Pediatric Patients

Pulmonary Biology
Center of Excellence

Advances in Understanding
Lung Development

Johnson Center for Pregnancy
and Newborn Services

Innovations in Care
for Complex Pregnancies

Transplant and Tissue
Center of Excellence

Clinical Research Team Identifies
Causes of Acute Liver Failure

Children's Heart
Center of Excellence

New Therapeutic Strategies for Pediatric
Congenital Heart Disease

Brain and Behavior
Center of Excellence

Unlocking the Mysteries of a
Devastating Pediatric Brain Tumor

Statement of Purpose

Mobilize Stanford discoveries and expertise to launch healthier lives.

The creation of the Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) at Stanford University provides a unique opportunity to advance the health of children and expectant mothers worldwide.  More »

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